We offer time critical defence + logistics expertise - AGL South Africa


In this extremely regulated area of logistics it is imperative that everything is done right the first time. Documentary trails must be correct and cross referenced ensuring that all interested parties can audit and track the movement of sensitive equipment at all times. From temporary imports and exports we ensure that all regulatory bodies are informed in advance of large value movements ensuring that our clients cargo is not unnecessarily detained for inspections and that this cargo is moved as swiftly as possible to its destination.

Our Defence Logistics Services Include

  • Aircraft charters

  • RORO / Flat rack movements for bulky cargo with specialist rigging

  • High Security storage for high value in transit cargo

  • Air ride transport for sensitive equipment

  • On site representation

  • Secured movements (armed escort where required)

  • Professional Rigging, Packaging and securing of cargo

We offer time critical defence + logistics expertise which then allows our clients to focus on their business.

As a key service provider of one of South Africa’s leading Defence manufacturers we have a proven track record of delivering logistical solutions for defence products to remote locations in tight deadlines