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How to improve your supply chain with technology

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Supply chain management is an integral part of the successful functioning of any business. While moving and storing your materials, data, inventory, equipment and goods, a great deal of planning and coordination is required. A properly managed supply chain increases the productivity, efficiency and overall value of your business. The latest technological advances mean that your business has even greater opportunity to optimise efficiencies and coordinate your supply chain demands accurately.


Advancement in technology now makes it possible to discover patterns in supply chain data through algorithms that quickly and accurately pinpoint the most influential factors affecting your supply chain. On top of this, these algorithms are constantly learning throughout the process. The result is that advanced data accuracy, leads to even more accurate demand forecasting.

As all businesses know predicting future demand is a challenging task. Traditionally, planning teams have made use of dated forecasting techniques, which involve manually evaluating all the data. This process is extremely time consuming, and the results are often not accurate enough. Instead of relying on master statisticians to make sense of your data, innovative technology can analyse your data in a faster way and on a much larger scale to be able to more accurately predict and forecast. Another advantage to algorithms is that they take into account a variety of factors that are often overlooked in the human-based process.


Machine learning has a huge range of capabilities. One area where it is particularly beneficial is in spotting patterns which skilled labour is unable to do because of the quantity of data required. Algorithms can make sense of things on a remarkable scale.

Beyond this, by utilising further innovative technology like online, integrated and automated cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems and Advanced Distribution management systems, you gain real-time visibility of your assets throughout the supply chain process. The internet and cloud-based technology really opens pathways for your business to gain insight on potential future problems before they occur.

Analysis and optimisation

Older technology was limited in the information it could provide to us. There is something to be said for human-based solutions for human-based problems, therefore utilising a combination human-based workforce and management, along with innovative technology we ensure an efficient and responsive operation. At AGL we believe in effectively managing and controlling your supply chain needs through leading edge technology, combined with some of the best skills in the industry. Where performance issues occur, our technology can help us to pinpoint the problem and improve, resulting in total supply chain integration and optimisation. We believe in continuously refining and pushing the boundaries in determining the best possible strategies, innovations, and technology needed to make your client experience even better.

Collaboration and cost reduction

Through cutting edge technology, that is efficient and straight-forward, the entire supply chain can be managed in an easier way that takes into account all the moving parts that are inherent in the supply chain so as to make them work together more cohesively. This collaborative network will in turn optimise your supply chain and results in reducing freight costs and supplier risk, as well as improving your delivery performance.

AGL promotes a sense of shared services as the philosophy across our entire client base. We want you to realise your substantial economies of scale and to bring critical mass to smaller entities. We collaborate with our clients to help them achieve their vision, but we also collaborate and engage with appropriate and competent service providers that are in sync with your business objectives.

The Bottom Line

 At AGL, we use a combination of innovative technology and skilled labour in order to continuously improve supply chain management. Our combined knowledge and experience give our management team insight into each client’s challenges and how we can cater to their needs by bringing convenience and value. Through our tried and tested methods and collaborative approach we have formed supply chain partnerships with companies that have led to improved efficiencies and profitability. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can benefit from our service. We are moving forward. What about you?