Reliable distribution services - AGL South Africa


We are committed to providing distribution solutions that add value to your business and efficiency to your supply chain. Our network of distribution points, combined with our expertise in fulfillment and shipping logistics, ensures product availability and expedited delivery.

Reliable distribution services

Distribution logistics is an important part of our customer service. We work hard to choose the transportation method that best suits the volume, dimensions and destination of each shipment.

We look at the bigger picture

We consider factors, such as urgency and distance. We do all that we can to ensure that orders arrive damage free in the right place at exactly the right time.

Stay in the loop

Our registered customers can easily track their shipments online during transit. Proof of delivery is available online.

We go one step further

We offer full fleet management, including truck and driver costs either on your own fleet or on a fleet provided by us.
We manage the costs of delivery, vehicle utilisation and driver performance, which is tracked electronically in real time. Our distribution services include

  • Managed billing – one invoice comprising of multiple service provider charges

  • Fourth party (4PL) logistics management service

  • Interrogation of information data for management decision making

  • Coordinate & manage multiple service providers to ensure best price & service solutions

  • Controlling proof of delivery management through IT systems