Additional value added services - AGL South Africa


AGL provides a number of additional value added services. We believe that a company needs to offer a full range of services that can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs. This provides our customers with greater visibility and control on management platforms.

Customs, Excise & Regulatory Requirements

  • Tariffs
  • Customs registrations
  • Bond/rebate stores – operations/requirements/registrations
  • Duty drawbacks
Greater visibility and control on management platforms - AGL South Africa

Supply chain/customs requirements

  • Strategic and tactical evaluation and optimisation of supply chains
  • Project management
  • Refinement of operations
  • Tariff determinations/international trade agreements
  • Establishment and management of bond and rebate stores

Information systems

  • Web-based, interactive IT information systems
  • Integration with customer/supplier ERPs
  • Overarches and facilitates all supply chain operational processes and systems
  • End-to-end management and control of orders/shipments
  • Continuous improvement and optimisation

Order management

  • Order management and indent monitoring
  • Electronic transfer of orders into AGL systems
  • Monitoring of cargo collection dates and liaison with forwarders
  • Optimisation of cargo configurations
  • Monitoring and tracking of cargo movements from origin to final delivery
Optimisation of cargo configurations - AGL South Africa

Shipment and distribution

  • Cost allocations to any level in the organisation
  • Immediate costing of shipments on imports and exports, as well as local distribution conveyances to customers and branch transfers

Freight auditing

Performance reporting

  • Metrics/performance analysis and reporting
  • Measurement of performance statistics against pre-agreed service level agreements
  • Analysis of performance statistics to determine possible areas of improvement
  • Sophisticated reporting for all levels of senior and operational management

Quotes and estimates

  • Quotes and estimates on special or one-off shipments or cargo movements on request
Metrics/performance analysis and reporting - AGL South Africa