Warehouse essentials for your business

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Warehouses are used for the storing, handling and packing of products and cargo. Typically, an order is forwarded to the warehousing team who then picks and packs the product to be sent out for delivery.

Warehousing plays an important role in the overall supply chain. If you are a factory, you require a space to store your raw materials in order to keep up with production demands. Warehouses also assist with large scale production as your manufacturing business can mass-produce product and then store it until it is sold. Warehousing is also a strategic move to stabilise your prices as you can ensure that you have sufficient stock available as well as ensuring you do not have a surplus.

The professional warehousing services can provide important economic and service benefits to both your business and customers. Here are a few reasons why:

Be in control of your stock

An efficient warehouse solution gives you increased control of your stock. By accurately knowing what stock you have and where it is located, you will be able to properly optimise your supply chain.

By utilising the latest technology your business will be able to access all your warehousing data via a cloud-based system. AGL makes use of the STREAMLINE Warehouse Management System which allows for all information about quantity, receiving and dispatch, to be accessed remotely so you can have visibility of your stock and manage your inventory to make strategic business decisions. Because the system is web based and updating in real time, you will always have up to date information regarding stock levels from any location as long as you have internet access.

 The system keeps record of all transactions and specific details whether it be pallet numbers, batch numbers or serial numbers, to accurately track the lifespan and movement of each of your items in storage. This is especially important for our food industry clients, as we are a food safety certified facility and batch control is a requirement for this accreditation.

This Warehouse Management System is also incredibly user-friendly and cost-effective. All version upgrades, enhancements, and yes, the occasional bug fix, are handled completely behind the scenes so you will not have to worry about upgrade to the latest version. This is also a is a subscription-based service, where you pay by the month and can cancel at any time.

Streamline your Supply Chain

When it comes to your supply chain, all aspects need to be tracked so that your business can continuously work on improving it. By tracking your warehouse, you will ultimately be able to optimise your overall supply chain.

Traditional manual input for inventory management is time-consuming and error-prone. With a modern warehousing management system you will be able to automate many procedures, which in turn will result in a well-run operation. The productivity of your operation will also be maximised as time wasted on manual entry is being cut down, so your employees can focus on value-added tasks for your business. Accurate real-time data will also empower your employees and management teams to make informed decisions on whether inventory needs to be replenished, or even if inventory has gone missing.

Effective warehousing also provides you with a competitive edge to provide customer satisfaction. If your warehouse and inventory is well-organised you will be able to keep up with supply demands, deliver goods on time and even anticipate what your customers will be wanting from you next.

Reduce Costs

As your supply chain is streamlined, your operational costs are reduced. Through optimising the production process and reducing errors, your business is able to speed up order fulfilment, and thus slash operational costs.

With accurate inventory data, your business will be certain in what stock needs to be produced and what stock is performing badly. You will again valuable insights into the performance of your operation, so you will be able to isolate points where you could potentially reduce operational costs. At AGL we also offer pay-as-you-use solutions, which gives you complete variability in costing.

At AGL we offer strategically located storage facilities with a range of warehousing options to suit our customers’ core services. From secure storage for highly valuable freight to general cargo, we offer warehouses complete with highly skilled management and operations teams and systems to successfully handle operations for your business. Get in touch today for all your warehousing needs.