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Why you need end-to-end visibility in your supply chain

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When it comes to your supply chain you require two essential characteristics for success, namely speed and efficiency. As competition within the industry continues to increase it is no wonder that forward-thinking businesses are turning to technology to improve their service offerings and thus staying ahead of competitors. One such technological offering is the ability to incorporate end-to-end visibility within the supply chain. Real-time visibility can completely enhance and transform business.

This particular technological innovation offers business the ability to take a magnified look into operations and quickly identify potential deficiencies and issues before they become problems that affect business negatively. End-to-end visibility is the intricate process of tracking and tracing product orders and physical order shipments from the source of production to their destination. The entire supply chain is monitored and recorded, in real-time, so that all moving parts operate seamlessly.

Greater Insight

Traditionally, when evaluating the effectiveness of supply chains, key decision-makers have had to rely on monthly reports, which provided out-of-date information and little actionable insight. With increasing competition, it is critical to your supply chain operation to be able to detect when something might go wrong and then being able to respond adequately.

This is effectively achieved with end-to-end visibility as you are able to analyse the entire supply chain from start to finish thus creating a collaborative network. This coupled with advanced analytics leads to improvements and seamless operations. Your business will be able to identify short-term shortages, and even longer-term problems such as seasonal hiring, shipping issues, inefficient locations, etc. This is because end-to-end visibility allows you to view the entirety of order lifecycles and in turn resolve problems in real-time before they escalate into major issues.

Reduce costs

End-to-end visibility is incredibly beneficial to reducing your bottom line. With greater insight and accurate reporting your business can analyse, anticipate and respond to all parts of a complex supply chain. You will be able to effectively manage the entire supply chain which means fewer stock-outs, shortages and cancelled orders. Beyond this, the streamlined process results in increased productivity which will always result in reduced costs.

Minimise risk

Through end-to-end visibility of your supply chain you will be able to effectively reduce risk and grow your business. This is because there is a significant reduction in errors, thus protecting your overall operations. End-to-end supply chain visibility can help you identify areas with a single point of failure so you can be proactive in finding solutions.

Beyond this, the greater insights allow for better demand forecast, so you will not run out of a product in peak times. You will also know where your goods might be at risk in transit, and track shipments and transactions at each point.

Manage complexity

As your supply chain evolves and expands to reach the global market, the processes will become more complex and challenging. To anticipate and manage this growing complexity, end-to-end visibility allows you to view the entire supply chain from a bird’s eye view. This vantage point provides the competitive edge in providing exceptional service and rapid response to any unexpected issues that inevitably arise in complex systems.

Improved efficiency

End-to-end visibility ultimately means a greater degree of transparency within the supply chain. This allows for inefficiencies to be identified quickly and a solution to be implemented before the issue escalates. It will give you more control, better communication, better ability to respond to demands, and resolve issues proactively – all improving the overall efficiency of your supply chain offerings.

Ultimately, there are several different ways technology is bringing increased visibility to the supply chain. We are now reaching a level of visibility within the industry that has never been attainable before. At AGL we believe in the value aspect of total supply chain integration, from initial procurement of materials and goods, from local and international sources to delivery of finished product to final customers. This end-to-end approach generates insight and details needed to operate quickly, accurately, and more effectively than ever before. Find out how to fully optimise your supply chain with end-to-end visibility today.