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Global Freight Forwarding

Global movement of your cargo from time sensitive cargo to bulk movements. You will receive continual communication to ensure that you get your cargo delivered on time at the best rates. We calculate the best ratio of cost versus speed on all of your import/export movements.

Save on shipping costs

Our team of experts will strategically pack your cargo so that it significantly reduces your international shipping costs.

Your cargo is handled with care

Each shipment receives the utmost in personal care and attention. Your shipment is packed as compactly as possible, ensuring it arrives to you safe and free from damage.

No hidden costs

We keep our service rates simple and easy to understand. You will never get hit with hidden fees. What you see is what you get.

Our Forwarding Services Include

  •  Sea, air, road and rail modalities

  • Efficient and cost-effective shipment routing

  • Cargo inspection services for exports

  • Associated foreign and local landside services

  • Optimised transit times

  • End-to-end visibility and management of cargo movements: predictive and proactive problem resolution

Global Forwarding Services

At AGL we understand that by entrusting us with your freight, we partner in the success or failure of your business.

With this in mind, we have hand picked and vetted all of our overseas offices to ensure that we partner with companies who are prevalent to the country we are dealing with and, like ourselves, understand the importance of correct price, fast and reliable transit from point to point based on our clients needs and expectations.

To further ensure that we are dealing with the correct partner that suits our clients needs, we have chosen to support multiple diverse agents who cover many different and diverse commodity types to ensure flexible solutions based international logistics.

AGL management meet regularly with our global partners to ensure trends, new services and basic country dynamics are monitored so that we win turn may pass this onto our clients.

Handling international forwarding professionally - AGL South Africa