Comprehensive supply chain management services - AGL South Africa


AGL has undergone a strategic repositioning within the market involving the adoption of business process models that address, inter alia, the value aspect of total supply chain integration, from initial procurement of materials and goods, from local and international sources, to delivery of finished product to final customers.


We promote a sense of shared services as our philosophy across our entire client base. We want you to realise your substantial economies of scale and to bring critical mass to smaller entities.


We engage with appropriate and competent service providers that are in step with the your business objectives.

Technological innovation

Management and control of our supply chain services through leading edge technology and IT.

Our Supply Chain Services Include

  • Form supply chain partnerships with companies to improve the efficiencies and profitability of your respective businesses

  • Achieve collaboration and critical mass aggregation across the customer base

  • Create a supply chain skills pool that will allow you the advantage through best practice methodologies

  • Ensure that the financial gains from improved supply chain efficiencies remain within your business